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Kiama Leagues Club

Kiama Leagues Club – Air Conditioning

Kiama Leagues Club, via a power brownout, lost and burnt out their entire building management system controlling their air conditioning.

They were unable to get their current service provider to the site to review or fix the issue within a reasonable time frame and parts were no longer available.

As a result of the delivery of cleaning services to Kiama Leagues Club and the satisfaction of our client, Boab Services were asked to provide a solution to address the issue as quickly as possible.

Commercial cleaning at Kiama Leagues Club

Our Solution

Due to the nature of the project and the cost involved we addressed the initial issue with a short-term solution to get all the air conditioning back up and running immediately.

The next stage was to design a new long-term solution, which involved a review of how the systems ran, areas of efficiencies that could be improved, and the client’s environment and operational needs.

As a result of our review, an open-source system was selected which meant the client would not be tied or rely on one service provider.

The Result

Via outside and economy cycles, we improved the running efficiency of all systems which decreased the running costs and increased the life of the assets.

The success of this project has also led to several additional and on-going upgrades to some of the older units as well as the installation of additional units in new areas. We have also been awarded the maintenance contract to look after the works.