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Wollongong Golf Club

Wollongong Golf Club – Contract Cleaning

Before engaging Boab Services, the Wollongong Golf Club had contracted a different services provider to deliver the cleaning service.

The largest challenge that our client faced was the quality of service being provided and so their main goal was to improve this delivery and look for efficiencies in the way it was delivered.

The Best Western annual audit had the site at a 65% score for cleaning before implementing our services, so there was also a desire to increase this.

Our Solution

Boab Services was given less than a week to mobilise our services, but via an in-depth gap analysis, we were able to identify the key areas and gaps and in turn focus our mobilisation plan on these areas.

The key to this was communication and aligning the customers’ expectations with the original proposal. Also, the training of staff and setting up of site-specific procedures and scopes ensured the identified gaps were addressed.

This contract has been running for over 5 years now, and we continue to measure our services, monitor, and manage the delivery to ensure our customers’ needs were being met.

The Result

The key outcomes achieved as a result of the delivery of our services, was an increase in client satisfaction, a reduction in third-party complaints, and above all an increase in the Best Western cleaning score from 67% to 98% in less than 12 months. A score that we have managed to hold for the last 5 years.

These outcomes and the delivery of our services has helped to increase the return on investment directly by an increase in occupancy rates and positive third-party reviews.

As a result of this client satisfaction Boab Services now also manages Best Western’s air conditioning asset maintenance.