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4 reasons to hire a Facilities Management company

When you work at a busy site like a school or office building, taking care of the premises can feel like a lot of extra work. There’s so much to think about, from security to waste management. If you find that managing issues like maintenance and cleaning is too much of a hassle, a Facilities Management company might be the way forward. This article looks at four reasons why you should use a Facilities Management company.

Experts in their field

It’s understandable that you might not be an expert in Facilities Management and Building Maintenance. This could mean you miss things that need attention. When you use a Facilities Management company you are working with building experts who are adept at finding solutions.

Focus on your core business

Because Facilities Management can take up a lot of time, it can sometimes be a distraction from your core business. There’s no doubt that this can have negative consequences. By outsourcing to a Facilities Management company, you and your team can concentrate on your business, whilst having the confidence that your site is being properly looked after.

Be confident about health and safety

At any site, it’s essential to be conscious of health and safety and to make sure your building is up to standard at all times. When you use a Facilities Management company, you’ll have dedicated professionals on hand to make sure health and safety standards are met, and to promptly deal with any problems that arise. Additionally, Boab Services provides commercial cleaning services, helping you to keep your premises clean, hygienic, and healthy.

Your assets last longer

Any building will deteriorate over time if it’s not taken care of properly. This could lead to increased costs for repairs or could represent a safety hazard. Working with a specialist Facilities Management company means that your entire site is being well maintained so it’ll stay in better condition for longer.

Boab are professional experts in Facilities Management and provide full-service Facilities Management solutions to a variety of sites. Our Facilities Managers are on call 24/7 to deal with all aspects of your Facilities Management, including emergency call-outs.

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The benefits of using a commercial cleaning service

Keeping your premises clean and hygienic is more important than ever these days. Enlisting the skills of a commercial cleaning service may seem like an extra expense, but the benefits of doing so make it a worthwhile investment. In this article, we look at a few reasons why you should use a commercial cleaning service.

Expertise and professionalism

Of course, if you use a commercial cleaning service it means that your premises will be cleaned by a trained professional. Professional cleaners have specialist knowledge and skills, meaning they can achieve better results, and more quickly, than an untrained person. In turn, this will make a great impression on staff and visitors at your site. Because first impressions matter, Boab Services also carry out window and façade cleaning work.

Take away the stress

Whether the site you’re running is an office building, a school, or a pub, you already have enough to think about. Keeping on top of cleaning can be a time-consuming hassle if you’re dealing with it alone. Bringing in professional commercial cleaners gives you one less thing to worry about so you can concentrate on other priorities.

A safer, healthier environment

Today, we’re all very conscious of the spread of disease. Having your site regularly cleaned by commercial cleaners helps to rapidly kill off bacteria, germs, and mould that can ultimately contribute to poor health. In addition, Boab Services offer a variety of commercial building maintenance services, which also help to keep your facilities safe.

Long-term savings

Whilst hiring a commercial cleaning service is an investment, it might mean that you save money in the long run. Furniture and carpets that are not cleaned will eventually build up so much dirt or contamination that they become highly expensive to either clean or replace. Using commercial cleaners gives you the peace of mind that your furniture and fittings are being kept in great condition.

Boab Services provides commercial cleaning services to a variety of premises including offices, educational sites and student accommodation, and pubs, clubs, and hotels. Every site is different, so we offer tailored cleaning solutions to exactly meet the needs of each client.

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Supporting our community

We love helping our customers manage and protect their assets through our leading facilities management and commercial cleaning solutions.

As a passionate team ourselves, we also like giving back to the communities in which we live and work in. We are proud to partner with organisations which align with our values. We support a number of sporting organisations and charities, hoping to play our small part in making a difference in these communities, including:

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Corrimal Surf Life Saving Club

South Coast Taipans

Cancer Carers Illawarra

Proudly supporting local and focus on grassroots community, not–for-profit and charitable organisations.